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Academic Excellence

In an era where the value of education is increasingly scrutinized, it is imperative that Indiana University not only maintains but elevates its academic standards and outcomes. This means investing in cutting-edge research, attracting and retaining top-tier faculty, and ensuring our curricula are both challenging and relevant to today's global landscape. My background in business, combined with a deep understanding of systemic challenges, equips me with the insights necessary to advocate for policies and initiatives that drive academic innovation and excellence.


The belief that every qualified individual, regardless of their circumstances, should have access to a quality education is fundamental. My experiences, particularly in navigating the complexities of the Medicare system, have honed my ability to understand and dismantle barriers to access. This skill set is directly transferable to addressing the challenges faced by potential and current students at Indiana University. By implementing strategic, empathetic leadership, I aim to expand scholarship opportunities, enhance support services, and remove financial obstacles that impede academic pursuit. We can ensure that IU's doors are open to all.


I have a steadfast commitment to championing the needs and interests of our students, faculty, and alumni. Through vigorous advocacy, informed by years of defending the rights of those within the Medicare system, I've learned the power of a well-voiced concern and the impact of strategic negotiation. I plan to leverage this experience to advocate for policies and programs that support career services, and life-long learning opportunities, enhancing the overall IU experience. Additionally, my business experience allows me to navigate the complexities of higher education governance effectively, advocating for changes that not only improve the University's accessibility but also bolster its reputation nationally and internationally.

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